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2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form.


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Please note we have moved to a new location. If you need any services please call 416-724-2466 or visit our office at: 1120 Tapscott Road, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1X 1E8.(Main Intersection is Tapscott Road/McNichol Road)

Exam Registration

2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form. If you are a new student please click here to become a TIKM Student. If you have misplaced your user ID or password you can request by sending us an email.

Student ID Card

Starting Year 2007 all students will receive TIKM identity cards. To apply for the identity card please click here and download the application form.


Musical Examination


Since 1992, the principal activity of TIKM is to organize standardized Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam dance examinations for Canadian students. These annual exams are held in Toronto during the autumn months.


Two main projects, which have been initiated by the current administrative cycle, are a series of music competitions and scholarships for Carnatic students in Canada. The music competitions were held in August 2005 and August 2006, and the winners for both the junior and senior divisions were given several titles.


Besides examinations, TIKM’s main objective is to provide concert venues for both seasoned professionals and elementary students of Carnatic music. To this effect, they frequently hold general music recitals in addition to themed programs (such as the Papanasam Sivan festivals) where students of all skill levels perform.

About Us
A group of Tamils committed to develop the performing arts of the community, founded the Thamil Isai Kalaamandram in 1992. The executive committee consists of volunteer members elected every three years at the general meeting.
The Organization

Thamil Isai Kalaamanram (TIKM) is a Registerd Canadian Charitable organization dedicated to promoting classical Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam dance in Canada, headquartered in Toronto.

A Vision Evolves With Great Hope

Gestation of ideas and the birth pangs of an institution or a movement and its evolvement within the community are attendant with considerable pains and labor. These are overcome by the very vision that fires a foresight based on a need situation and the determined resolution of leaders within the community who undertake commitments. They must have a strong sense of selfless dedication to serve their fellow human beings.

Nearly a decade ago with thousands of Tamils flowing into Canada and founding a new home for themselves, there was a growing demand for cultural infrastructures to serve them. Among others, the community had to be inspired to strike roots in their new homeland and nourish them with its traditions in the rich environment of a multicultural society.

Music and Dance are intrinsic parts of our cultural and artistic heritage and these have developed as meaningful spiritual traditions through centuries of time going back to the Vedic era. This being the lifeline of our strength, the bonds that unite us, the fountains of our wisdom and the ultimate hope we cherish, we had to address ourselves to ensure this spiritually based cultural facility is embroidered as a magnificent tapestry amidst the Tamil community in Canada.

It was with such highly laudable sentiments and feelings, a group of Tamils committed to develop the performing arts of the community, founded the Thamil Isai Kalaamandram in 1992. During the last eight years it has come through all the turbulence of most founding and pioneering organizations and has acceptance today as a conservatory of Carnatic Music and Indian Classical Dances among us. We are naturally proud of our founders and to them we bow in gratitude.

More and more Canadian-born Tamil young people have begun to show interest in developing this organization and are increasingly expressing their appreciation of their founding parents for their vision and all the labour they have put into raising it to the level it has reached today. The manram, they are conscious, have the double responsibility of serving the Canadian Tamil community and equally, building bridges and developing strong bonds on a mutual basic with fellow Canadians.

We are all working towards the ideal that the entire humanity is one family and the planet Earth, our one home. When we relate ourselves to each other, the means that will save us best are our traditions. In pursuing this ideal, performing arts inspired spiritually offer us the greatest hope for humanity. The Thamil Isai Kalaamandram has a vast source of rich traditions to offer not only to the Tamil community but to all the communities that have found a home in this lovely land that is ours.


Todays Highlights

The Story of Bharatanatyam - By Kumar Punithavel
Like every other Tamil art and craft Bharatanatyam too has its own mythology. One such story goes as follows. Once the Gods and Goddesses pleaded Lord Brahma to create another Veda, as the four Veda’s in existence was hard to understand by the average masses. The new Veda should be simple, so that the common man could understand it.


  • Providing opportunities for young singers, musicians and dancers to stage their programs
  • Providing opportunities for Canadians to listen to professional artists from India and Sri Lanka
  • Conducting Karnatic music and barathanattyam dance examinations for students from grades one to seven