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2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form.


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Please note we have moved to a new location. If you need any services please call 416-724-2466 or visit our office at: 1120 Tapscott Road, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1X 1E8.(Main Intersection is Tapscott Road/McNichol Road)

Exam Registration

2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form. If you are a new student please click here to become a TIKM Student. If you have misplaced your user ID or password you can request by sending us an email.

Student ID Card

Starting Year 2007 all students will receive TIKM identity cards. To apply for the identity card please click here and download the application form.


Since 1992, the principal activity of TIKM is to organize standardized Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam dance examinations for Canadian students. These annual exams are held in Toronto during the autumn months. The last examination cycle in 2006 contained over 2000 applicants from 100+ teachers.

Originally, the tests were administered in the following subjects: vocal, violin, veena, flute, and mrudangam. In 2002, Bharathanatyam dance was also introduced. These exams consist of seven grades, and have been modelled after similar testing centres in South India and Sri Lanka. Other than the introductory Grade 1, which contains only of a practical component, all subsequent grades require successful completion of both the practical and the theoretical elements. From Grade 4 onwards, an oral component is also introduced, and this level represents the informal watershed between junior and senior students. The final Grade 7 exams have a significant teaching component in order to prepare graduates for music education. In these tests, successful students are graded by a panel of impartial judges into 4 categories: distinction (75-100%), first division (65-74%), second division (55-64%), and ordinary pass (45-54%). These candidates are given their certificates and plaques (for distinction and first division students) during the Isai Vizha celebrations held during the late winter months. Besides these 4 categories, two other divisions are used for unsuccessful candidates: “referred” (for a pass in the practical, but a failure in the theory), and “unsuccessful” (for failure in both practical and theory components). These candidates must rewrite their tests in the next examination cycle in order to apply for any subsequent grades. As of 2005, only 4 students have graduated from the Grade 7 exams held by TIKM. These are:

Abhiramy Vivekananthan (Violin, 2001)

Jamuna Jeyanthy Lankeswaran (Violin, 2003)

Surenthar Tharmalingam (Violin, 2003 and Vocal, 2003)

Sujeenthar Tharmalingam (Mrudangam, 2004)



Todays Highlights

The Story of Bharatanatyam - By Kumar Punithavel
Like every other Tamil art and craft Bharatanatyam too has its own mythology. One such story goes as follows. Once the Gods and Goddesses pleaded Lord Brahma to create another Veda, as the four Veda’s in existence was hard to understand by the average masses. The new Veda should be simple, so that the common man could understand it.


  • Providing opportunities for young singers, musicians and dancers to stage their programs
  • Providing opportunities for Canadians to listen to professional artists from India and Sri Lanka
  • Conducting Karnatic music and barathanattyam dance examinations for students from grades one to seven